Legendary places of Budapest in the ’90s

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Who wouldn’t remember those golden times? These are the real cult venues where generations spent their youth, and people still gather to have thematic remember parties. Here’s a short selection of the best places back in the days!

The essence of Budapest underground was Tilos az Á (it’s the hungarian translation of „TRESPASSERS W” from the original Winnie the Pooh), and it was the most well-known place of the city until closing in 1995. Legend says even Frank Zappa played on a private party there - this info might help to guess the pub’s main music genre. Beside the alternative audience Tilos az Á had really good DJs, and a lot of other, today popular artists started their carreer in this place. There’s even a television film about this venue called Tilos, Verboten, Interdit. The accurate circumstances of the closing is still a mystery, but a lot of people miss the place with its ideal sized bar and the best music selection of Budapest, supposedly.

The real big venues first appeared in the ’90s as they were seen in the Western countries. Home club was opened these days in Óbuda, where internationally loved DJs performed every week. They couldn’t find a place to move when a construction of a new gated community was announced, so it had to close shortly after.

Every hungarian who was young in the ’90s knows Fortuna disco. It was opened in the Castle district in 1986 and its atmosphere was so beloved it stayed on the party map for a long time. Obviously in the Castle district you can’t expect the prices to stay low, so most of the people often arrived drunk already. In Fortuna they had a unique dress code, you had to arrive in the most modern fashion – according to what they saw in cheesy american university movies. Two cult DJs of the times started their carreer here: DJ Schultz and Mátyás Bakai.

Adults back from the alternative genre surely remember Almássy Square Leisure Centre. In the daytime there were children’s programs and swimming lessons until the most famous alterrock bands started to play at night. The enthusiastic crowd usually got drunk in the neighborhood pubs and had some issues with the security guys after that. The venue is still on the square, but the atmosphere is missing since the place was closed.

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