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season: all year
age limit: 18 years min.
group limit: 6 people min.
duration: 1,5 hours
bookable period 10:00-22.00
price: from 29.000 HUF
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What is rolling, drinking beer and pedalling at the same time? If you don’t know the answer, we can tell: it’s you on a beer bike. The newest insanity of Budapest is this rolling pub that revolutionized beer drinking and created a new and exciting form of entertainment in the capital. Beer bike’s first introduction was exquisitely successful in Budapest: it is always a perfect choice, whether it’s a birthday, bachelor party or team building.

Beer bike started to conquer the world in 1997 from the Netherlands, where local engineers’ creativity met with their unbreakable enthusiasm of beer drinking. The construction is very simple: there’s a perfectly stable undercarriage with 8 to 12 people pedalling like on a normal bike. Although there are electric bikes with license plates, Budapest prototypes remained traditional with the pedals. And of course, there’s a driver who keeps the beer bike in direction and pays attention to the traffic. If you’re worried about the traffic, we have good news for you: in Budapest, beer bikes run in and around the City Park instead of the busy downtown streets. Besides the crew mentioned above, you can ask for one more passenger, who’s gonna be your bartender along the way. Eventually someone has to take care of the fuel!

The beer biking is a pleasant entertainment for you and your friends. You can bike across the city with cheer and good beers. You probably had beers in ordinary pubs before, but we bet you’ve never ever tried to have a beer while riding! There’s a sufficiently large barrell on the bike, full of cold beer, freshly brewed for you. You can bike in off-season as well, but we obviously recommend it in the summer, as you won’t get cold and you can enjoy the experience more. In the summer, hydration is very important, so we can provide you a 30 liters big barrell on the bike. There are two strict rules which you have to keep in mind: we won’t serve anyone under 18, and you cannot drink spirits while riding.

We suggest beer biking on any occasions when you want to have fun together. Though we do not have the accurate statistics, but most people use it for team building and bachelor parties. It’s a perfect choice for both events, as for team building it’s much more interesting and enjoyable than to go to another boring dinner party; and for a bachelor party it can be a great foundation of  an unforgettable night spent together, and it’s a unique experience for the groom for sure – but it’s also good to surprise anyone. No one expects a beer bike on their birthday!

If you think that it’s all about riding and drinking, we still haven’t told everything. These events can be much more fun if you make it a costume party! Imagine 10 chipmunks, ballerinas or Batmans riding trough the city. For sure you’d collect some smiles, and as they say smiles are great investments: the more you collect, the better you feel. Not to mention the group pics would be hilarious. Beer bike can be a simple but great experience on any happenings if you want to spend a special day together!

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