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The short history of ruin bars

How did ruin bars appear first in Budapest? It wasn’t such a long time, only 15 years ago, but the accurate story of their emergence is still a mystery. For sure, Budapest downtown wouldn’t be the same without them, maybe the whole party district wouldn’t exist if a crew hadn’t opened Szimpla Kert and created a brand new and unique hungarian style: the ruin bar.


Legendary places of Budapest in the ’90s

Who wouldn’t remember those golden times? These are the real cult venues where generations spent their youth, and people still gather to have thematic remember parties. Here’s a short selection of the best places back in the days!


Where are the borders of the party district?

It’s hard to answer the question above. In a strict way it’s the polygon of Rákóczi street, the Grand Boulevard, Bajcsy Zsilinszky street and Deák square, but this way a lot of cult places are unfairly on the other side of the border. Budapest’s party district constantly evolves and changes, so it’s really hard to define its accurate size and location, let’s take a look on some certain parts!


Favourite drinks on the turn of the century

Hungary has a huge drinking tradition, so demands revived supplies, and the results came out to be quite exquisite. On the turn of the 20th Century such revolutionary drinks and trends enriched the pubs of Hungary, some of them even has it’s original taste nowadays, but in a more modern form. Let’s see what was in the glass a hundred years ago!


Ruin bars around the world

Ruin pubs are original Hungarian inventions, they made Budapest world famous. There is no other cultural phenomenon in the country that attracts so much interest. Ruin pubs’ everlasting popularity hides in their exceptional atmosphere and enchanted style. This ruin bar sensation outgrew our country really fast and appeared in a few other countries too. Take a brief look on which countries are successfully infected!


The strangest pubs in the world

Do you know which bar has the strangest location in the world? If you don’t, let us introduce the most unbelievable party places worldwide. Certainly, humankind can be really creative when it comes to drinking.


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