4-es 6-os Wesselényi

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Address: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 28. Phone: +36 20 200 1000 Open: M-Sun 0-24 Facebook: fb.com/NegyeshatosWesselenyi/?rf=267463500092826

Please mind the closing doors! The next stop is tram 4-6 Wesselényi Pub. Take it easy, any resemblance to the Budapest public transport system is purely coincidential. Or at least, you won’t buy a monthly pass here because you’re afraid of ticket inspectors. Your ordered drinks always arrive without any delay, and the drink discounts shift according to schedule. The former retro panty shop got a huge renovation, the old hangers and babydolls have been replaced with booze bottles, a monumental, Gatsby-ish caracole staircase and party people. Only the remaining mannequins recall the old shop. The wood-framed sofas covered in fluffy fabric still reflect on socialist realism design, but the entertaining equipment are brand new, including many LCD TVs, this way you’ll never miss out on your favourite sport games. If you’re not interested in any games aired, play your own game on table football or on one of the pinball machines anytime, since at 4-es 6-os Wesselényi the party never stops: they’re open non-stop every day. In the summer there’s a small terrace by the boulevard providing a carefree and comfy atmosphere. Many foreign groups start or end the night at this place, so it’s also a great venue to make friends. If you want to, you should reserve tables one or two days in advance, since they’re always full on weekends and weekdays as well.

4-es 6-os Wesselényi

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