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Address: 1062 Budapest Paulay Ede u. 33. Phone: 06/30-360-33-89 Open: M-Sun: 16- Facebook: E-mail:

At first thought minimalism and ruin bars do not belong together, because ruin bars must have plenty of random stuff hanging everywhere. It feels like you’re in a labyrinth when you look up to the 3 stories high walls and walk trough the dark and hazy corridors. Here’s a more simple picture: think about the classic, slightly ruined american loft houses. Now you know what I’m talking about, don’t you? These are the appurtenances of the unmistakeable atmosphere at Anker’t, Budapest downtown’s biggest garden pub. The most unique and active party place in town is located in a historic building, only a few minutes walk from Deák square. With all the exposed bricks in the walls and the pulled or broke out windows the place looks like it’s heavily damaged, like you’re walking into a building under demolition.  And what does a true construction worker do after work? Of course he drinks his well deserved beverage in the courtyard. There’s a notable collection of fine draught beers, quality wines and cold spritzers to help you quench your thirst. The huge bar, sport games on big screen, the underground DJs and other events provide the neverending entertainment. Full house is guaranteed on every weekend, especially if it’s party night.


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