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Address: 1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21. Phone: 0036/1-789-44-44 Open: Mon-Sun 17:00- Website: durerkert.com Facebook: fb.com/durermusic

The biggest venue of hungarian underground music life opened in 2008 next to the City Park, in the old art department building of ELTE, and since then it became a cult place. Dürer Kert is one of the favourite concert venues of local and international bands and it’s also famous for its full house parties on 1000 square meters. In summer you can take a rest after a long workday under the ancient trees: in the garden they have several hammocks, swing canopies and even an old, transformed Volán bus where you can hang out with your friends. Anyway, you won’t have too much time to rest in Dürer, due to the various programs and events they have:  concerts on a wide range of genres, open air grill parties, table tennis and table football matches provide the carefree enjoyment you deserve. It’s also a great place for all-night conversations, not just for neverending parties, and you won’t stay thirsty either, as long as you take a regular visit to one of the bars with quality drinks and discounts. Dürer Kert isn’t difficult to find, though it’s a bit further from the party district, exactly beside the City Park on Ajtósi Dürer street.

Dürer Kert

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