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Address: 1072 Budapest, Nagy Diófa utca 8. Phone: 003670 429 0219 Open: Mon-Sun 11:00-03:00 Facebook:

On Nagydiófa street, behind long and wide gates you’ll find a city oasis - equipped with all the must have accessories of a ruin pub - called Grandio bar, which has evolved a lot in the past few years. There are dozens of renovated chairs and tables in every color, saved from beach huts and junkyards. A lot of freely growing, wild plants and trees create the atmosphere of the place, sometimes the locals water them just to make sure they stay healthy. Under the wild elder trees there’s always a merry and colorful crowd, as there’s also a hostel inside, so it’s the perfect place to make friends with foreigners. Contemporary paintings hang everywhere on the railing of the corridors, not to mention the creative graffiti pictures on the walls. The lions looking at you, the oddly placed soft toys and the carrot statue altogether are creating a powerful and impressive scenery. Life is always buzzing in the old apartment house, the party usually starts midweek. Grandio’s cozily furnished garden is highly recommended for football and sports fans, as important games are always aired on big screen. If you like not just to watch the games but to play them, you can show your talent on the ping-pong table. The funny looking bar with the VHS cassettes is always full of beer, and there are always various booze discounts on party nights. The all-time favorite Fény cocktail (raspberry syrup and vodka poured in your shot glass from a soda syphone – no kidding) is on the menu as well!

Grandio Jungle Bar & Grill

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