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Address: 1073 Akácfa utca 51. Phone: 003630-24-300-35, 003670-32-45-281 Open: Mon-Sat 10:00-04:00, Sun 16:00-04:00 Website: Facebook:

It was time for these two first class party palaces to move in together. This match made in heaven created a spot in the party district where good, up-to-date quality music and all-week entertainment is guaranteed. The best DJs, bands and performers in an enormous house, where the night is all about partying. The improved design made the place more interesting, but the most important parts remained the same. Fogas’s famous garden is still the best choice for a summer evening. It’s open every day, and don’t bother going anywhere else, just meet your friends here for a drink or two before the party starts. The whole venue is definitely bigger than it was before this pleasant unification, and, of course, ruin bar design dominates. There are renewed furniture, artistic decorations and  string lights all over the place. The central place of the party district opened just a few months ago and it already redeemed the high hopes as it’s the number one party place target for everyone in town. Imagine a place where anyone can find a favored music genre – and it’s this one and only place, Budapest’s biggest venue! Since hundreds of foreigners come here to have a taste of Budapest’s nightlife, you can easily improve your international relationships.

Instant - Fogasház

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