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Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 11. Phone: 003620-388-38-63 Open: Mon-Thu 16:00-0:00, Fri-Sat 16:00-02:00, Sun 16:00-0:00 Facebook: fb.com/KekLoPub

Maybe the 8th district wasn’t famous for its ruin pubs... yet. Then came Kék ló to change this situation! The designer’s inspirations were definitely some surreal European art films from the ’70s, this place is totally otherwordly, but they have some classic ruin pub features as well. There are big armchairs you can sink into, colorful chairs with a street view and junkyard decorations. You know, like that one friend’s apartment who doesn’t really like to tidy up, but he has an awesome place. As Kék ló is Blue horse in English, horses and the color blue are, nomen est omen, all around the place, don’t even start to count them. In the daytime it’s nice to just look out the window and watch the street life from the built-in gallery. If someone’s hungry, there is a daily lunch menu and also a selection of fine vegan cuisine as well. The list of drinks is not too long but it’s still appealing, especially if you look at the pálinka collection. When moving out of the downtown, Kék ló has brought a piece of the party district with itself to Víg street. The music scene is ruled by experimental or avantgarde jazz bands and musicians, but if there are some other programs instead of concerts, the DJ is taking over the place after that anyway, so feel free to join anytime!

Kék Ló

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