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Address: 1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány 1. Phone: 003630 225 1399 Facebook: E-mail:

What if the whole City Park would be a huge garden party? We don’t know for sure, but you can taste the feeling – and your ice cold spritzer – under the shady trees in Kertem. The place had to move to a new area, but the atmosphere remained the same, or even better: since Kertem is located in front of Olof Palme House, it feels like it’s even more dandy if it’s possible. It’s not even a garden anymore, since there are no more fences and the whole venue just embeds into the park. An ideal place to stretch your tired muscles and brain after a long day, and also for your dog to play until collapsing and falling asleep. While your doggo plays with the other dogs, you can have a nice drink or two together with the other humans. The wide place is full of classic ruin bar chairs, antiqued by the weather itself. On a central spot there’s a small stage in front of the audience, where there are bands or DJs performing regularly to set the mood perfectly. Athough there’s no proper PA system, but this kind of barefoot feeling just adds to the charm. Kertem crew provides the best quality for everyone, so they also brought their buffet and its marvelous recipies from the previous place. Their burgers and roasts are legendary. This place closes for winter season unfortunately, but in the warmer months they are waiting for you with ice cold, refreshing beers and spritzers!


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