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Address: 1088 Múzeum krt. 4. Phone: 0036-1-411-17-38 Open: Mon-Sat 08:00-03:00 Website: konyvtarklub.hu E-mail: foglalas@konyvtarklub.hu

Have you always secretly wanted to drink alcohol in school? Then you can take it off from your list now, as you can do it in a rather historic and famous university building of Eötvös Loránd University. Have no illusions – they are not giving away any degrees here. Könyvtár Klub is one of the best campus bars in town, since here every day is about having fun and partying hard. Near Astoria, on the courtyard of the Uni, known as Treffort kert, you can find dozens of tables to sit by and have a cold, refreshing beer or spritzer on warm summer nights. The old, tall trees provide a nice shade, and, of course, you can watch all the important matches on big screen. If you’d get hungry, you can help yourself with freshly made pizza, and if you’re looking for booze discounts, you’ll obviously find some here to get the party started. On colder days they warm up the party in the former library room downstairs, with great bands and DJs. Clearly, the bar is mostly full of uni students, who regularly visit after every successful - or unsuccessful - exam. You won’t be lonely with these folks, let there be party ’til the morning or all-night chats about the mysteries of the universe. If you consider yourself talented and have the nerve, you can show off on the club’s karaoke stage to let everyone discover the next superstar. The list of songs may be infinite, but not the audience’s patience, so think twice when you choose a song!

Könyvtár Klub

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