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Address: 1072 Budapest, Akácfa u. 47.

Ruin pub or restaurant?  Why not both? Here’s Mazel’tov, a cozy place where you can taste the best dishes of Israel and the Middle East. Akácfa street is the center of ruin pubs for years now, but this place brought a new colour on the palette of this selection. The old building was fully renovated and redesigned, all that remained is the walls. The huge courtyard is sophisticatedly designed and crowded with tables, while the other, petite, winter garden-like courtyard enhances the creativity of this venue. When you step inside, you could smell the fabulous smell of Eastern spices at instant. Don’t worry if none of the entries on the menu rings a bell, they are just really this authentic! You’ve probably heard of hummus (which is highly recommended for everyone here!), but if you try anything else, you won’t be disappointed! The scents and tastes enchant you in no time. As for the drinks, Mazel’tov has a fine collection of beers and quality wines. They always renew the menu, so you have no other choice here than to be a regular guest and come back as soon as you can. Important to notice though, that this place is way above an ordinary ruin bar level, still the prices are staying in the middle cathegory. There are mainly jazz concerts and DJs to crown the mood.


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