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Address: 1146 Budapest, Városligeti krt. 2. Website: nyeregitato.hu/en

The atmosphere of the City Park congregates in Nyereg and its sensible charm. Not so many people come here on horses, the former gendarme building has changed its official purpose from law inforcements to serve thirtsty customers and keep them in place. In one of the biggest parks of the city, behind the small corral everyone can bathe in the sunshine and enjoy the season. The place is bike and dog friendly: there are safe lockers to park your bike, and in Nyereg everyone loves dogs, so your doggo will be happy to run and fool around the place in a perfectly green area. But your dog has to be well-behaved, as Ödön, the local squirell hops in sometimes to snitch some treats. Needless to say that a place like this must have a dining area, where you’ll find grilled goods, burgers and crepes only from quality ingredients and by home recipes. You can choose beers, good wines, spritzers and cocktails from the drink menu. The nearby lake and nature in general sets the mood, the performing bands help to enhance it. Sports fans don’t have to give up on anything as the important events are always aired on big screen. If you’re enthusiastic enough, you can contribute in Nyereg’s grill parties where everyone can show their cooking talent!


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