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Address: 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 8. Website: puderbar.hu

Púder is like a fariy tale, every corner has a fascinating detail of decoration, including the cracked, naked walls with all the paintings, the multicoloured furniture and a giant tin chameleon. Púder’s uniqueness is the mix of this adorable ruin pub style and the quality gastronomy experience, the result of this experiment is supremely satisfying. Menu has every elements of an international kitchen from sandwiches to roasted goods, but there are also steaks and delicious desserts for the sweet-toothed. They have lunch menu with tasty hungarian dishes for a reasonable price. As for the drinks there are good alternatives too, especially in the spritzer collection. The other strength of Púder are the cultural events, as this place is also known as a bar theatre, they organize movie nights with all the classics, and musicians are welcome to perform here as well. You can find all the actual programs online, and you sould reserve a table in advance to make sure you’ll have a seat!


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