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Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 14. Website:

The mother and father of all ruin pubs, the creator of this trend and of course its unbeaten champion, the most unique of all is Szimpla Kert. Step in through the gates and find yourself in another universe. Szimpla brought this new style to the city on the Millenium, created the classic ruin pub design with all its exclusive marks. The saved furniture, art installations and reinterpreted objects are the essentials of the ruin bar design, which became famous around the world. The garden was opened in 2004, they occupied the whole house and made Szimpla complete. In Szimpla you never know where you are exactly in space and time because of the dream-like, fun and sometimes even upsetting scenery. There are peculiar objects everywhere: a baby carrier, old Moskvich pedal cars and a room full of monitors staring at you. You’ll find dozens of chairs in the garden, but if you want to sit with style, you’ll choose the halved Trabant. When you’re tired of the crowd, you can hide upstairs in one of the smaller rooms and have world-changing conversations. They have such various events, every day concerts, tematic parties, farmers market, etc.: you should check out their website for the details! Szimpla is visited by all the foreigners from every country in the world, it’s a must-see experience in Budapest nightlife!

Szimpla kert

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