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Address: 1093, Budapest, Imre utca 2. Phone: 0036-1-210-25-41 Open: Mon-Tue 10:00-0:00, Wen-Sat 10:00-2:00 Website: Facebook: E-mail:

A famous university deserves a famous pub. Trapéz is trapeze in Hungarian, although they could pick a better name: for example, it could be the Corvinus Triangle, since all the students heading from one building to another for their macroeconomics or accounting or corporate economics or other *insert a fancy name here that only a few understand* classes,  somehow disappear due to an inexplicable phenomenon without any trace by the entrance of Trapéz, and reappear a few hours later, with a happy, chilled expression. British scientists are already investigating this case in their newest researches, but until they find the answers, maintain your brains tired from work or lectures with pub quiz nights, or hang out upstairs where you can follow the latest sport events. You can show what you learned from watching sports immediately on the table football. But if you look further than the big screen, you can find other exciting things on the ceiling, even a parking motorcycle. You have to be in constant vigilance: if you don’t pay attention, toy soldiers may attack you on your way downstairs, or you can miss out on the booze discounts, which you probably don’t want to! Tired between two exams, you should take a visit in the daytime for a good coffe or for a lunch menu, which is the latest improvement of the fantastic and talented Trapéz crew.


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